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Bee Draped.

Bee Draped is a woman’s online fashion journey with no boundaries for fashion lovers all over the world.

Our clothes are designed for women on the go, that adore elegance and a fresh feminine style. Our fashion style is a fusion of classic and modern sensibilities which enable us to create something unique, that stands the test of time. The pattern cuts have a plethora of influences from different cultures and social context brought together as one.

We carefully choose colours to achieve an overall soft and subtle look at the same time, maintaining a blended look. This is important to achieve harmony and balance which suit all female body shapes.

Our fabrics are versatile and they match our classic fashion style which is uncluttered yet elaborate in terms of stylishness. We embrace a woman’s body and ensure that we achieve a sexy look with solid fabrics as well as soft fabrics that show off the silhouette of a woman’s body. Wearing a Bee Draped design means that you turn heads and stop traffic for the right reasons.

Fashion at Bee Draped is defined as ‘a capsuled unique style that unmasks your inner aesthetics.’

We believe in the ethos of simple is sophisticated and less is more.

Our fashion journey is headed by Fashion Designer, Reene Weston who brings a flare of quality, graceful and stylish designs. Weston was born a natural fashion designer if truth be told. Being creative from a tender age, she understands how fashion translates into a woman’s body.

Weston is a fashion designer that combines her global fashion experience and sense to divulge fashion’s best trend.

“Fashion is unlimited and a never-ending story, so wear it while you still can and let all eyes be on you. The minute you step outside your door is the minute you start your fashion catwalk.”

Enjoy shopping and get Bee Draped!

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